Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism

  • India will be hosting the Implementation and Assessment Group Meeting of the GICNT. GICNT stands for Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism.
  • This is a key meet on nuclear security in February 8-10, 2017.
  • It is being hosted by MEA in coordination with DAE.
  • Around 150 delegates from 100 partner countries and international organisations will participate in the event.
  • This highlights India’s commitment to global nuclear non proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy and overall engagement with global community on national security issues.

GICNT: Know More

  • GICNT was launched in 2006 by Russia (Vladmir Putin) and the US (George W. Bush)
  • Members: 86
  • Observers: 5 organisations
  • It has held several multilateral activities in support of its Statement of Principles.
  • GICNT partner nations organize and host workshops, conferences, and exercises.
  • It aims to share best practices for implementing the Statement of Principles.
  • The GICNT also holds Plenary meetings to discuss improvements and changes to the partnership.

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