Global Innovation Index 2021


  • India has climbed 2 spots and has been ranked 46th by the World Intellectual Property Organization in the Global Innovation Index 2021 rankings.

Key Findings of Global Innovation Index 2021

India’s Position in Global Innovation Index 2021

  • India has been on a rising trajectory, over the past several years in the Global Innovation Index (GII), from a rank of 81 in 2015 to 46 in 2021.
  • India takes the second place in the lower middle-income group. It has also been portrayed as successful in developing sophisticated services that are technologically dynamic and can be traded internationally.

    Global Innovation Index 2021
    Source: Business Standard
  • It continues to lead the world in the ICT services exports indicator and holds top ranks in other indicators, such as domestic industry diversification (12th) and graduates in science and engineering (12th).
  • India, Kenya, the Republic of Moldova and Vietnam are still record holders for being innovation achievers for 11 consecutive years, according to the report.
  • India’s innovation performance is above average for the upper middle-income group in five of the seven innovation pillars.
  • However, it scores below average in the pillars of infrastructure and creative outputs.
  • India’s performance in the area of science and technology (S&T) is also encouraging.
  • The top 100 S&T clusters are hosted by 26 economies, of which six – Brazil, China, India, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and the Russian Federation – are middle-income economies.

Steps taken for such improvement

  • Availability of immense knowledge capital and a promising start-up ecosystem.
  • Policy led innovation has been key to India’s success as an innovation hub
  • During the pandemic also it was innovation which had helped in maintaining a vibrant atmosphere in the sector
  • Development of electric vehicles, biotechnology, nano technology and green energy projects, are some of the examples of innovation in India.
  • Graduates in science and engineering disciplines and global corporate research and development investors are India’s strengths

Global Scenario

  • Switzerland, Sweden, the US and the UK have retained their top four ranks in the index while China is ranked 12th.

About GII

  • The GII report is published by WIPO in partnership with the Portulans Institute, with support of corporate network partners, such as the Confederation of Indian Industry, Brazilian National Confederation of Industry, Ecopetrol Group (Colombia), and the Turkish Exporters Assembly.
  • WIPO’s criteria to measure innovation cover institutions, human capital and research, infrastructure, credit, investment, linkages, creation, absorption and diffusion of knowledge and creative outputs. 


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