Global Reporting Initiative Biodiversity Standard


  • The Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB), an independent global organisation, has approved the exposure draft of the revised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Biodiversity Standard.

About Global Reporting Initiative Biodiversity Standard

  • The GRI is a global entity that helps businesses take responsibility for their impacts on biodiversity.

    Global Reporting Initiative
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  • GRI Standards are designed to be used by organisations to report on their impacts on the economy, the environment and society.
  • The revised proposal of GRI 304 suggested to:
    • Reflect reporting throughout the supply chain, given many biodiversity impacts are found beyond the scope of a company’s own operations.
    • Help organisations prioritise attention on their most significant impacts, recognising the challenge of scale in addressing biodiversity impacts.
    • Add new disclosures to connect with the drivers of biodiversity loss, including climate change, pollution and overexploitation of resources.
    • Introduce requirements for biodiversity-related human rights impacts, such as those on indigenous peoples, local communities and workers.
    • Emphasise location-specific data to ensure businesses are transparent about the sites where their biodiversity impacts take place.

Source: DTE

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