Global Trade-Related Technical Assistance Database (GTAD)

  • Trade-related technical assistance (TRTA) and capacity-building (CB) are recognized as core elements of the multilateral trading system (MTS). Trade capacity-building, which provides direct support to beneficiary countries in enhancing their human and institutional capacities to deal with the challenges emerging from the MTS, is a key component of the Aid-for-Trade work programme. 
  • The “Global Trade-Related Technical Assistance Database (GTAD)” is a portal of exchange and information sharing on the future execution of TRTA and CB activities. It can facilitate inter-agency coordination and strengthen coherence in the delivery of TRTA programmes. 
  • The GTAD, which is hosted and managed by the World Trade Organization (WTO), comprises several partner agencies, with a view to share responsibility and co-operation in this field. It is a window through which interested stakeholders can consult the activities planned by the partner agencies and submit queries on specific activities to the WTO Secretariat. 
  • The GTAD includes an interactive search engine which takes into account national and regional projects, as well as training courses classified against close to thirty trade-related technical assistance and capacity-building categories.

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