Good Governance Index 2021


  • Recently, Good Governance Index 2021 launched on Good Governance Day, December 25 prepared by DARPG on Good Governance Day at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Key Findings of Good Governance Index 2021

  • Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa top the composite rank score covering 10 sectors.
  • Gujarat registered 12.3 percent increase and Goa registered 24.7 percent increase over GGI 2019 indicators.
    • Gujarat has performed strongly in 5 of the 10 sectors including economic governance, human resource development, public infrastructure and utilities, social welfare and development, judiciary and public safety.
    • Maharashtra has performed strongly in agriculture and allied sector, human resource development, public infrastructure and utilities, social welfare and development. Good Governance Index 2021
    • Goa has performed strongly in agriculture and allied sector, commerce and industry, public infrastructure and utilities, economic governance, social welfare and development and environment.
    • Uttar Pradesh has shown an incremental growth of 8.9 % over GGI 2019 performance. Among the sectors, UP has secured top position in Commerce & Industry sector and has also shown increase in Social Welfare & Development and Judiciary & Public Safety. Uttar Pradesh has also performed in citizen centric governance including public grievance redressal.
    • Jharkhand has shown an incremental growth of 12.6 percent over GGI 2019 performance. Jharkhand has performed strongly in 7 sectors of the 10 sectors.
    • Rajasthan has shown an incremental growth of 1.7 percent over the GGI 2019 performance. Rajasthan has topped the Other States (Group B) category in Judiciary and Public Safety, Environment & Citizen Centric Governance.
  • The North-East and Hill States category,
    • Mizoram and Jammu and Kashmir have registered an overall increase of 10.4% and 3.7% respectively over GGI 2019. Mizoram has performed strongly in commerce and industry, human resource development, public health and economic governance.
    • Jammu & Kashmir has performed strongly in Commerce & Industry sector and has improved its scores in Agriculture & Allied Sector, Public Infrastructure and Utilities and Judiciary and Public Safety sectors.
  • The Union Territories category,
    • Delhi tops the composite rank registering a 14 percent increase over the GGI 2019 indicators. Delhi has performed strongly in Agriculture & Allied Sectors, Commerce & Industry, Public Infrastructure and Utilities and Social Welfare & Development.

Top ranking States in the Sectors as well as in Composite Ranks is as follows:

Sectors Group A Group B NE & Hill States UTs
Agriculture & Allied Sector Andhra Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Mizoram D & N Haveli
Commerce and Industry Telangana Uttar Pradesh J & K Daman & Diu
Human Resource Development Punjab Odisha Himachal Pradesh Chandigarh
Public Health Kerala West Bengal Mizoram A & N Island
Public Infrastructure and Utilities Goa Bihar Himachal Pradesh A & N Island
Economic Governance Gujarat Odisha Tripura Delhi
Social Welfare and Development Telangana Chhattisgarh Sikkim D & N Haveli
Judiciary and Public Safety Tamil Nadu Rajasthan Nagaland Chandigarh
Environment Kerala Rajasthan Manipur Daman & Diu
Citizen Centric Governance Haryana Rajasthan Uttarakhand Delhi
Composite Gujarat Madhya Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Delhi

About Good Governance Index

  • Good Governance Index, GGI 2021 Framework covered ten sectors and 58 indicators.
  • The sectors of GGI 2020-21 are 1) Agriculture and Allied Sectors, 2) Commerce & Industries, 3) Human Resource Development, 4) Public Health, 5.) Public Infrastructure & Utilities, 6) Economic Governance, 7) Social Welfare & Development, 8) Judicial & Public Security, 9) Environment, and 10) Citizen-Centric Governance. The GGI 2020-21 categorises States and UTs into four categories, i.e., (i) Other States – Group A; (ii) Other States – Group B; (iii) North-East and Hill States; and (iv) Union Territories.

Source: PIB

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