Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir


  • Jammu and Kashmir was placed under Governor’s Rule after the chief minister’s resignation.
  • Governor NN Vohra will soon assume the role of the chief administrator in the state. Vohra has been in the same role four times before as well.


  • In the event of failure of constitutional machinery in any other state of India, the President’s Rule is imposed under Article 356 of the Constitution
  • But in case of Jammu and Kashmir, the Governor’s Rule for a period of six months is imposed under the provision of Section 92 of the State Constitution and the proclamation to this effect is issued by the Governor only after the consent of the President of India.
  • The State Assembly is either kept in suspended animation or dissolved
  • If it is not possible to restore the Constitutional machinery before the expiry of this six month period, the provision of Article 356 of the Constitution is extended and the President’s rule is imposed in the State

Source:India Today

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