Govt. ignoring plight of children, says SC

  • Justice Lokur said: “Our policy and decisionmakers need to heed this advice and warning [of Mandela] and appreciate that they are not doing any favour to the children of our country by caring for them — it is their constitutional obligation, and the social justice laws enacted by Parliament need to be effectively and meaningfully enforced.”
  • The implementation of laws meant to protect the fundamental rights of children had so far been met with “continuing callousness” because children had “no voice in the affairs of the state,” the court said.
  • In a slew of directions, the court asked the Ministry of Women and Child Development and all the State governments to ensure that the posts in the national and State commissions for protection of child rights, the Juvenile Justice Boards and the Child Welfare Committees were filled expeditiously.
  • It requested the Chief Justices of all High Courts to register proceedings on their own for effective implementation of the 2015 Act.
  • “Finally, we request and urge the Chief Justice of each High Court to seriously consider establishing child-friendly courts and vulnerable witness courts in each district.”
  • The judgment came on a PIL petition for implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act and its rules.


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