Graphic novels give a push to Bengal’s dying folk arts

  • Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore that he wanted to introduce Raibenshe, a genre of folk martial dance, at Santinketan.
  • These are excerpts from graphic novels published by the West Bengal government, the UNESCO and for promotion of traditional crafts of West Bengal. In a unique initiative, three such graphic novels have been published on three different art forms of the State, both in Bengali and English in 2018.
  • The graphic story on the Purulia’s famous Chhau dance is called Experiencing Chhau (Dekhe Elam Chhau) while the book on Raibenshe, folk martial dance form south Bengal is called Raibenshe Rocks ( Ajo Aache Raibenshe). The third publication is on the little known puppetry from Nadia titled The tale of a lost leg ( Harano Payer Kissa).


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