• Indian scientists launched a new high-tech device “GreenDispo” to ensure that the growing popularity of sanitary napkins does not end up becoming an environmental nightmare.


  • Inappropriate handling of the used pads is already posing a major challenge as the pads grow harmful pathogens causing serious health and environmental hazards.
  • In addition, blocking of drainage paths due to the disposed of napkins is becoming a critical issue.

Need of the New Device:

  • The device has been designed in such that it will incinerate the sanitary napkins completely with minimal flue gas emission.
  • The specially designed heaters of the device generated a temperature of more than 800 degrees Celsius, which helped in complete combustion of the used pad.
  • It also had a secondary heating chamber with a temperature of 1050 degrees Celsius to take care of any hazardous emissions from the incinerator.
  • Use of ceramic holders for the device to ensure that the heat is channelized most effectively.

Source: Downtoearth

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