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We all know that, this year’s UPSC Prelims-2018 exam was one of the toughest exam till date. The way the questions were framed and tricky options was too confusing to mark the correct answer. But if an aspirant has thoroughly prepared the current affairs, static part like polity, history, environment with much focus on revision then it is very much easier to score well above 110-115. UPSC Prelims is all about to qualify and sit for the Mains Exam. The trending questions like environmental organisations, reports/indices, climate changes issues, govt. schemes, international happenings and little bit basic understanding of Polity/Economy is the key requirement to stay ahead the cut off. 

We again proved ourselves to deal such unexpected questions came in UPSC Prelims-2018 examination which can be dealt with ease if some has thoroughly followed our initiatives. Thankfully 70+ questions were directly or indirectly came in UPSC Prelims-2018 exam.  

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Keeping in mind this year, we at IAS ABHIYAN are launching our most awaited/subscribed/followed Test Series for the UPSC Prelims-2019 examination.

Before briefing the details of our Test Series please make certain things for yourself following our free initiatives like, Important Issues for Mains, Crux of Editorials, Prelims Facts Corner, Inside the PIB, Back to Basics-Prelims, Environment Special, International Organisations, One Liner Prelims Special-2019 etc on a daily basis. We at IAS ABHIYAN like previous year will provide the standard questions in our upcoming test series to deal the unexpected questions which came in 2018 Prelims Exam. Reading and revising will not help until you have made proper documentation. Make sure that whatever we are updating in our current affairs section please make some short notes and revise them on weekly basis, It will help you in two ways, first-Your touch in answer writing and second revision.

Consistency, discipline, perseverance, target oriented, note making quality, broadening your conceptual thinking with different international happenings is the key demand of UPSC. We all know UPSC is unpredictable but prelim is only to qualify not to top the exam. So your preparation must be such like you can easily deal and come to the conclusion for marking the correct option of 55-65 questions only.

Details of our Test Series-2019

  1. UPSC GS Paper-1 Prelims-2019 Test Series includes 23 Tests ( 08 Subject Specific + 12 Monthly Current Affairs Test + 01 IYB/ES/Budget + 02 Full Length Test)

  2. Our current affairs test will be prepared from various sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Downtoearth, Times of India, Economic Times etc. Why such various sources?? because this year lot of current affairs questions were asked from these sources

  • SthanakvasiClick here to for the link

  • Merchant Discount RateClick here for the link

  • Biographies of Mazzini, Garibaldi, Shivaji and ShrikrishnaClick here for the link

  • Aral SeaLink

  • Chapchar Kut festivalLink

  • Power to auction non-coal minesLink

  • Bani ThaniLink

  • Buland DarwazaLink

  • Jean-Baptiste TavernierLink

  • Many more such current affairs were asked from current happenings like – Capital Adequacy Ratio, Governor issue, Barren Island, Corral reefs, President’s rule, International countries, science and tech questions etc which can be easily dealt with if you have followed our initiatives.

  • As we have seen this year that some of questions were asked from 2016 current affairs, in this connection we will provide you all our 2018 GS Paper-1 (25 tests) which includes current affairs from June-2017 to April-2019 freely to all our subscribers. It means you will get 2500 standard questions at the first go.

  • This year, we have reduced our test series on static part as we are providing previous year test papers to all our subscriber which is completely free. It covers lot of static part prepared from the standard sources.

  • Each question has provided with detailed explanations as like previous year which helps you a lot in your revision.


1. IAS ABHIYAN Comprehensive Mock Current Affairs Test Series for Prelims-2019 is for the individual only. In case a student (s) is/are found involved in any violation of copyrights of test series/standard notes/current affairs, the admission to the programme will stand automatically cancelled.

2. The Test Series/notes/current affairs will be provided through PDF form only and will be sent to your subscribed mail id. (Please give your correct mail address at the time of subscription.  

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4. Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable in all circumstances. Further, for the benefit to our followers limited period offer (where some amount of discount) may be available for subscription. In this case no amount/fee can be claimed by the previous subscribers to refund the balance amount. No online grievance of either central/state govt. will be entertained. 

5. IAS ABHIYAN reserves all rights to make any changes in schedule, if need so arises.

6. IAS ABHIYAN reserves all rights related to admission of Comprehensive Mock Current Affairs Test Series for Prelims-2019. After successful subscription do not create a case (Like Confirmation mail/materials not received etc.) at Instamojo.  After confirmation from instamojo we will add your name to our Programme and the tests will be sent positively through your subscribed mail id (PDF Format only-No Hard Copy will be sent). All the materials were not available for download at the time of subscription, so its our humble request to not to create a case at instamojo. 

Before Subscribing to the test series be very sure, whether you want to subscribe or not, once you have subscribed our tests, it takes a lot of effort on our part to provide the best quality tests along with their detailed explanations. There will be no refund in any case,

We will provide what we have promised above, we have kept the fee to the lowest possible amount to run this website where we share  our free initiatives like Important Issues for Mains, Crux of Editorials, Topic for Prelims, Prelims facts Corner, Inside the PIB and lot  more. As a follower of our site, we believe that you will subscribe to this test series and continue to support.

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