Guided Missile Destroyer INS Chennai Joins the Indian Navy

  • INS Chennai, a P 15A Guided Missile Destroyer, was commissioned into the Indian Navy. 
  • The ship represents a significant ‘coming of age’ of our warship building capability and defence preparedness.


  • INS Chennai is packed with contemporary and sophisticated ‘state of the art’ weapons and sensors such as Surface to Surface Missile and Surface to Air Missiles.
  • The ship is fitted with a modern Surveillance Radar which provides target data to the gunnery weapon systems of the ship.
  • The ship’s Anti Submarine Warfare capabilities are provided by the indigenously developed Rocket Launchers and Torpedo Launchers.
  • The ship is equipped to fight under Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare conditions.
  • A unique feature of this ship is the high level of indigenisation incorporated in the production, accentuating our national objective of ‘Make in India’.
  • Some of the major indigenised equipment / system onboard INS Chennai include Combat Management System, Rocket Launcher, Torpedo Tube Launcher, Automated Power Management System, Foldable Hangar Doors, Helo Traversing system, Auxiliary Control System and the Bow mounted SONAR.


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