Hakki-Pikki tribes from Karnataka wins battle against the virus


  • Recently, Hakki-Pikki tribes from Karnataka wins battle against the corona virus.

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About Hakki-Pikki Tribes

  • It is a semi-nomadic tribe based largely in Karnataka and sparsely spread in other districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
  • It is said that in earlier times, the Hakki Pikki community migrated from Northern India to Karnataka 
  • In the Kannada language, the word ‘Hakki’ means ‘bird’ and ‘Pikki’ stands for ‘to catch’, therefore, the community is known as the ‘bird catcher’ which is their traditional occupation. 
  • The origin of HakkiPikki tribal communities has a rich history and is said to be an ancestral relation with the legendary Ranapratap Singh.
  • The HakkiPikki tribal community are a Kshatriya or warrior tribal community who had to migrate to southern India after their defeat with Mughal kings.
  • Alternate names: Haranashikari, Pashi pardhi, Adavichencher, and Shikari in Karnataka.
  • Language: Their mother tongue is ‘Vaagri’ (belongs to the Dravidian language). However, they speak ‘Vaagri’ at home but they speak Kannada for their daily business. 
  • UNESCO has listed Hakki Pikki as one of the endangered languages.

Source: The Hindu

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