Harmony in relationship

  • Love is an indispensable element in every harmonious relationship, but the secret in such relationships is to minimise expectations, because where expectation creeps in, disappointment will naturally follow.
  • In a healthy relationship, there will be some form of expectations. We can learn to keep these to a minimum and raise acceptance of each other to the maximum.
  • If you expect something, voice it in a calm and relaxed manner; don’t sulk. The other person cannot read your mind. At the same time, in any harmonious relationship, it is important to learn to forgive. People are bound to make mistakes, sometimes accidentally, sometime deliberately, or even in a spurt of anger or hurt. It is important to let go of the past and build your relationship anew every day. That is the romance of life.
  • Always have a sense of gratitude. See the good in the other; if something seems negative, it may be the other person’s nature. If so, accept it. Correct with love what you can, and accept what you cannot. For your own spiritual growth, grow together and understand the family.
  • When there is a sense of spirituality in life or a spirit of seva to the community, selfishness diminishes. Narrowness and selfishness lead to disharmony.
  • To ensure harmony, cultivate a vision of inclusiveness. A sure mantra for harmony in life is: a family that prays together, grows together, serves together, will stay together. Such a family is certain to have an abundance of love, harmony, joy and even prosperity.


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