Hope: UAE’s First Mission to Mars


  • Recently the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Mars Mission or ‘Hope’is launched on 16th July, 2020.

About the Mission

  • It is the first interplanetary mission for the Arab World.
  • The ‘Hope Orbiter’will be lifted on an H-IIA rocket from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a machinery maker in 
  • It will be launched from Tanegashima Island in Japan.
  • Once launched, it is expected to arrive in orbit around Mars in February 2021 (the year of 50th anniversary of UAE’s founding).
  • It will give planetary scientists their first global view of Martian weather at all times of day.
  • Over its two-year mission, it will investigate how dust storms and other weather phenomena near the Martian surface speed or slow the loss of the planet’s atmosphere into space.

Other MARS Mission in News:

  • NASA’s Mars rover, Perseverance-USA
  • Tianwen-1-China

Back to Basics

  • Only the USA has successfully put a spacecraft on Mars.Two NASA landers are operating on the Mars i.e. InSight and
  • Six spacecraft that are exploring Mars from orbit include three from the USA, two European and one from India (Mars Orbiter Mission).

Source: Indian Express

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