‘Hottest’ planet in universe discovered

  • Scientists have discovered the hottest known planet located 650 light years from Earth, which is warmer than most stars in the universe and sports a giant, glowing gas tail like a comet.
  • The Jupiter-like planet, named KELT-9b, orbits a massive star KELT-9 every day and a half.
  • With a day-side temperature peaking at 4,326 degree Celsius, the newly discovered exoplanet is hotter than most stars and only 926 degree Celsius cooler than our Sun.
  • The ultraviolet radiation from the star it orbits is so brutal that the planet may be evaporating away under the intense glare, producing a glowing gas tail.
  • The gas giant 2.8 times more massive than Jupiter but only half as dense, because the extreme radiation from its host star has caused its atmosphere to puff up like a balloon.
  • Since it is tidally locked to its star — as the moon is to Earth — the day side of the planet is perpetually bombarded by stellar radiation, and as a result the planet is so hot that molecules such as water, carbon dioxide and methane cannot form there.

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