How questions were framed from Editorials of The Hindu in UPSC Prelims-2018?

Q. Consider the following events :

  1. The first democratically elected communist party government formed in a State in India.
  2. India’s then largest bank, ‘Imperial Bank of India’, was renamed ‘State Bank of India’.
  3. Air India was nationalised and became the national carrier.
  4. Goa became a part of independent India.

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Consider the following statements:

  1. The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Review Committee Report has recommended a debt to GDP ratio of 60% for the general (combined) government by 2023, comprising 40% for the Central Government and 20% for the State Governments.
  2. The Central Government has domestic liabilities of 21% of GDP as compared to that of 49% of GDP of the State Governments.
  3. As per the Constitution of India, it is mandatory for a State to take the Central Government’s consent for raising any loan if the former owes any outstanding liabilities to the latter.

The above question can be easily solved if anyone has prepared and note down the important points from this editorial.

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Stay Updated.. lot more questions were directly came from The Hindu Editorials/Comments/Lead Section etc.

Its a request to all to make short notes from The Hindu on daily basis. We will cover such question in our Test Series-2019.

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