Humanitarian-Development-Peace Initiative

  • The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Initiative (HDPI) is a joint effort by the United Nations and the World Bank Group—two institutions with distinct yet complementary roles—to work together in new ways across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus in countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence.
  • The initiative builds on growing recognition that humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding efforts are complementary and need to reinforce each other, to respond to volatile situations around the world. Although humanitarian crises demand urgent response, the international community has called on development institutions like the World Bank Group (WBG) to provide longer-term, socio-economic solutions, engaging earlier to prevent violent conflict and reduce humanitarian need. This initiative is a priority for the WBG as a way to tackle the challenge of fragility and forced displacement through collective action.
  • Under the HDPI, the UN and Bank will identify collective outcomes and deliver comprehensive and integrated responses to countries at risk-, in protracted crisis and post-crisis situations. This includes sharing data, joint analysis and assessment of needs, as well as aligned multi-year planning across peace, humanitarian and development operations, which are critical to enable collaboration in these countries.

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