IAS ABHIYAN Prelims inFocus for UPSC CSE Exam

IAS Abhiyan Prelims inFocus

IAS Abhiyan Presents, yet another Free Initiative for UPSC Prelims Civil Service Exam. IAS Abhiyan Prelims inFocus is short and to the point specifically designed for Quick Revision purpose. It includes important facts from the current happenings and static portion as well, which will enrich your level of learning at the same time. Under IAS Abhiyan Prelims inFocus, you will find different current /static topics like Places in news, GI Tags, Environment and Biodiversity, Science and Technology, Tribes in News, Facts & Figures, Constitution & Polity, Art & Culture, International / National Institutions, Environment Conventions, Species in News, Economic Terms, Schemes, Protected Areas in News etc. Believe Us it will be your One Stop Solution to prepare from all around and surely be your Value Edition for UPSC Prelims Examinations. 

(Source: The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Economic Times, Down to Earth, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Wikipedia) 

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