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IAS Abhiyan envisage to give every aspirant sitting at the remotest part of the country a sure shot to crack UPSC Civil Service Examination with a single digit rank.”

All India Prelims Mock Test Series-2022

We demand only one thing-YOUR DEDICATION

As we all are aware that the first step of UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), the Preliminary Exam, has become the most difficult and unpredictable step to clear.

Before specifying our whole program on UPSC Prelims Test Series-2022, please be sure that you are preparing like a bureaucrat means, your writing, your smart way of working/reading/thinking be like that. Civil Service Exam demands a lot from an aspirant. Demand in the sense, you have to be dynamic in nature, means you have to do lot of smart work like covering static part, current affairs, watching RSTV, listening AIR, making short/smart notes etc. without which your upcoming one year will again be destroyed if you fail to do what is needed to crack this exam. Make a good timetable and stick to it. Remember revision / practice is the only key to crack this exam.

Nearly five (05) lakhs people appear but less than 10-12000 get through it. That means less than 2.5% is the success rate. If you fail, you have to wait for one another whole year to appear for the next prelims. This phase of waiting is most challenging. As it is the first stage of qualification, failing can be very demotivational. Like previous year, we have once again given lot of hits for Prelims 2021 be it, static or unpredictable current affairs questions like “Halbi /Kui Tribal Language, Bharat Ratna, Laureus World Sports Award, 32nd Summer Olympics, Judicial Custody, Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) is the nodal agency, Definition of State, Ad-Hoc Judges (Retired Judges), ACE2, Indian Government Bond Yields, Urban Cooperative Banks, New York Declaration on Forests, Blue Carbon, Water Credit, Common Carbon Metric, Filter Feeders, Mitakshara, Madanapalle, Bhavabhuti, Bollgard I & II and many more.”


  • Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
  • You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.
  • You Can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.
  • It always seems impossible until it’s done.
  • Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities.
  • They vary in their desires to reach their potential.
  • The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well.
  • Strive for progress, not perfection.
  • When You feel like Quitting, Think About Why You Started.

Lastly Push Yourself, because no one else is going to do it for YOU

          Civil Services Exam preparation is a continuous process and it is important to stay motivated all through the exam process. No one can stop you from achieving the goal of becoming an IAS officer, if you have the zest and the zeal to do so.  This time our Prelims Test Series has been redesigned for aspirants to understand the demands of UPSC exam and deal them effectively. The main objective of this Test Series is to evaluate candidate’s preparation level before the actual examination. The UPSC exam schedule is stretched for a long period stress is something that is bound to grip you during preparation for the exam. To overcome it you must indulge in fun activities with friends and family and also by following some active sport. This will keep you rooted through the tough times preparing for the IAS exam.

Course Plan:

  • 10 Fundamental Tests Include: –
    • 02 Mock Tests of Indian Polity & Constitution
    • 02 Mock Tests of Biodiversity & Environment
    • 01 Mock Test of Ancient & Medieval History of India
    • 01 Mock Test of Indian Art & Culture
    • 01 Mock Test of Modern History of India
    • 01 Mock Test of Indian Geography
    • 01 Mock Test of World Geography
    • 01 Mock Test of Economic and Social Development
  • 01 Mock Test on Economic Survey, Union Budget, India Year Book & Annual Progress Report of Different Ministries
  • 06 Current Affairs Tests Include: –
    • Current Affairs starting from January-2020 to May-2022
  • 02 Full Length Tests
  • 02 Civil Service Aptitude Tests (CSAT)
  • Detailed Explanations for Quick Revision (A guide for short notes)
  • Extra Perks: Free Monthly Prelims-inFocus (From January-2021 to April-2022)


Detailed Schedule Plan of IAS Abhiyan Prelims Test Series-2022

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Q. Can I download the tests as PDF?

  • Yes, you can download the tests as PDF (This is an offline Mock Test Series where Tests along with detailed solutions will be delivered to your subscribed mail id)

Q. I have paid and submitted my details when I will be enrolled?

  • The Process will be initiated within 48-72 hours of your subscription.

Q. Is this test series Online or Offline?

  • It is (Self-Evaluation)

Q. How many questions will be there in each test?

  • It may vary from 50-100.

Q. Which papers of UPSC civil services does this test series cover?

  • This test series is for General Studies Paper-1 and General Studies Paper-2 of UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination.

Q. When is the last date for making Payment?

  • There is no last date for this programme. You can enroll at any time as per your convenient. But it is suggested that you start early by making payment early so that you can follow the timetable and be free from any kind of pressure later.

Q. I am an old subscriber of one of the programmes at IAS Abhiyan. Do I get any discount?

  • No, Subscription Fee is uniform to all the aspirants.

Q. Whom shall I contact if I face technical problem?

  • You can contact us to this ID: info.iasabhiyan@gmail.com


  1. IAS ABHIYAN Test Series is for the individual only. In case a student (s) is /are found involved in any violation of copyrights of test series, the admission to the test series will stand automatically cancelled.
  2. Delivery Policies: The Test Series will be provided to your subscribed mail id through PDF Form only. In no case hard copy will be delivered. Please enter your correct mail-id at the time of registration / subscription. Email address is very important as we operate through email communication only. So please enter your correct email address/id at the time of registration/subscription.
  3. It is a self-evaluation Test Series programme where you have to prepare from the standard sources, give mocks and then check where you stand.
  4. All the answers/ solutions will be covered through an explanation which in itself is a revision shot for Prelims. Try to focus on these explanations as these is/are the base of your current affairs preparations.
  5. After successful subscription send us your Transaction ID at info.iasabhiyan@gmail.com for taking necessary steps at this end.
  6. If you have not received any confirmation emails/message from IAS Abhiyan Team, no need to worry, we will definitely send the above mentioned Mock Test PDFs to your registered email id.
  7. Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable in all circumstances. As these are completely digital goods, once paid there will be no refunds possible. We appreciate your understanding.
  8. IAS ABHIYAN reserves all rights to make any changes in test series schedule, if need so arises.
  9. IAS ABHIYAN reserves all rights related to admission of Test Series.
  10. Any Queries relating to Lakshya2022 programme, feel free to contact us at “<info.iasabhiyan@gmail.com>”
  11. Payment Options: Debit cards /Credit cards /NEFT, UPI and lot more are available for easy payment gateway and all payments are highly secured.
  12. Lastly, please do not create any cases at Instamojo as Tests are not downloadable at the time of subscription/registration. Above Tests will be delivered (As per Schedule) to your subscribed mail id. We value your money and trust us we provide you the best to deal with the unexpected questions in the upcoming exam.

One Special Request from Team Abhiyan:

Before Subscribing to the test series be very sure, whether you want to subscribe or not, once you have subscribed to our tests, it takes a lot of effort on our part to provide the best quality tests along with their detailed explanations. There will be no refund in any case, we will provide what we have promised above. We have kept the subscription fee to the lowest possible amount to run this website where we offer “Our free initiatives like Daily Current Affairs, Section Wise Current Affairs, Static Standard Notes for Prelims & Mains, All India Radio Spotlight News Analysis, Yojana & Kurukshetra Articles, Prelims inFocus and lot more.” As a sincere follower of our site, we believe that you will subscribe to this test series like previous year and continue to support us.

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