Identification of Archaeological Site in Kaushambi-Prelims 2016

In Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, the following monuments have been declared protected and are preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). 

1. Fort attributed to Jay Chandra, Karra Tehsil- Sirathu, District Kaushambi 
2. The ancient fortress, Kosam, Tehsil Manjhampur, District Kaushambi
3. Artificial cave in the fane of the hill of Pabhosa, Tehsil- Manjhampur, District Kaushambi
4. Traces of a large brick building on the summit of Pabhosa hill, Pabhosa, Tehsil-Manjhampur, District Kaushambi

The conservation work on these monuments is attended regularly depending upon the need of repairs as well as availability of resources and they are in a good state of preservation. 

As per Ancient Monument Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1958, an area of 100 mtrs. from protected boundary has been declared as prohibited area and an area of 200 mtrs. further beyond prohibited limit has been declared as regulated area, in which construction activities are regulated. New constructions are not allowed in prohibited area. However, there is no restriction on sale and purchase of land. 

As far as Kaushambi is concerned it has not been proposed to connect it with the Buddhist circuit so far. 

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