Important News Articles of the Day-22nd November 2023

The Hindu Important Articles for UPSC

IAS Abhiyan Present’s The Hindu Important Articles for UPSC : 22nd November 2023

An Initiative to provide all The Hindu Important Articles to be followed / read. This initiative will cover section / paper wise important The Hindu Important Articles as per UPSC CSE Syllabus. All the compilations of The Hindu Important Articles will be covered in our Monthly Current Affairs Digest (CAD). We recommend all the readers /followers to subscribe the Yearly Package of THE HINDU as per your convenience. All the given below articles were taken from the Hindu and posted herein for educational purpose only. 

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The Hindu Important Articles for UPSC : 22nd November 2023

Topic Important Article (s) of the Day to Read

History, Indian Art & Culture-GS Paper I


  1. No Articles for Today

Geography-GS Paper-1

  1. No Articles for Today

Social Issues-GS Paper 1

  1. No Articles for Today

Constitution, Polity and Governance- GS Paper II

  1. Simultaneous elections will help nation, says Kovind

Social Justice: Education, Health and Human Resource-GS Paper II

  1. No Articles for Today

International Relations-GS Paper II

  1. Chinese Premier Li Qiang to attend G-20 virtual meet
  2. At BRICS summit, Xi calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza
  3. Joint exercise of Indian, U.S. forces begins in Meghalaya
  4. India, Japan converge in Southeast Asia

Indian Economic Development-GS Paper III

  1. Coal isn’t easy to exclude from sustainable development

Science and Technology- GS Paper III

  1. Ministry asks States to encourage use of SATHEE portal
  2. What’s the matter: a short treatise on Indian Materialism

Biodiversity and Environment, Disaster Management- GS Paper III

  1. The OECD report on climate finance
  2. Recognising the impact of climate change on health

Security: Internal and External- GS Paper III

  1. ‘Conflict in Manipur will end if arms are recovered’

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude-GS Paper IV

  1. No Articles for Today


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