Important News Articles of the Day-3rd June 2023

The Hindu Important Articles for UPSC

IAS Abhiyan Present’s The Hindu Important Articles for UPSC : 3rd June 2023

An Initiative to provide all The Hindu Important Articles to be followed / read. This initiative will cover section / paper wise important The Hindu Important Articles as per UPSC CSE Syllabus. All the compilations of The Hindu Important Articles will be covered in our Monthly Current Affairs Digest (CAD). We recommend all the readers /followers to subscribe the Yearly Package of THE HINDU as per your convenience. All the given below articles were taken from the Hindu and posted herein for educational purpose only. 

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The Hindu Important Articles for UPSC : 3rd June 2023

Topic Important Article (s) of the Day to Read Key Takeaways

History, Indian Art & Culture-GS Paper I

  1. ‘Mural in new Parliament is of Ashokan kingdom’
  1. Ashokan Empire
    • The mural apparently shows the empire of Ashoka, the third emperor of the Mauryan dynasty, at its peak. At its zenith, Ashoka’s empire stretched from Afghanistan in the west to Bangladesh in the east.
    • It covered almost the whole Indian subcontinent except Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and modern-day Sri Lanka.

Geography-GS Paper-1

  1. No Articles for Today

Social Issues-GS Paper 1

  1. No Articles for Today

Constitution, Polity and Governance- GS Paper II

  1. Law Commission meets Uttarakhand UCC team
  1. 22nd Law Commission of India, headed by former Karnataka High Court Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi

Social Justice: Education, Health and Human Resource-GS Paper II

  1. No Articles for Today

International Relations-GS Paper II

  1. Two killed by shelling in Russia border region as hundreds flee
  1. Russia’s Belgorod region

Indian Economic Development-GS Paper III

  1. IRDAI eyes insurance push in rural areas with ‘Bima Vahak’
  2. RBI issues draft on cybersafety for PSOs
  1. Bima Vahak
    • a dedicated distribution channel to reach out to every Gram Panchayat
    • A core component of its ‘Insurance for all by 2047’ goal of IRDAI
  2. Master Directions on Cyber Resilience and Digital Payment Security Controls for Payment System Operators
    • management of cybersecurity risks, including information security risks and vulnerabilities, and specifies baseline security measures for ensuring safe and secure digital payment transactions.

Science and Technology- GS Paper III

  1. India’s semiconductor ambitions
  2. Good and bad
  1. Production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for semiconductor manufacturing
    • India’s semiconductor manufacturing ambitions had essentially made it a net importer, and that the fundamental problem of indigenising supply chains was not being accomplished.
  2. Inscrutability of the inner workings of AI models, their use of copyrighted data, regard for human dignity and privacy, and protections from falsifying information.
    • Indian government should proactively launch and maintain an open-source AI risk profile, set up sandboxed R&D environments to test potentially high-risk AI models, promote the development of explainable AI, define scenarios of intervention, and keep a watchful eye.

Biodiversity and Environment, Disaster Management- GS Paper III

  1. International trade has a carbon problem
  1. European Union’s (EU) key climate law, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)
    • In 2005, the EU adopted an important climate change policy known as the Emissions Trading System (ETS).
    • ETS is a market-based mechanism that aims at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by allowing bodies emitting GHG to buy and sell these emissions amongst themselves.
    • Under the CBAM, imports of certain carbon-intensive products, namely cement, iron and steel, electricity, fertilizers, aluminium, and hydrogen, will have to bear the same economic costs borne by EU producers under the ETS.
    • CBAM only considers ‘explicit’ carbon prices, not ‘implicit’ costs (non-price-based costs) borne by products originating in certain countries.

Security: Internal and External- GS Paper III


  1. ‘India needs new skill sets to boost cybersecurity’
  1. Data Security Council of India
    • The demand for cybersecurity professionals in India has increased 54% over the past year, but the country does not have enough people with the required skill sets

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude-GS Paper IV


  1. No Articles for Today


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