Important Science and Tech Topics for Prelims-2017 (August 2016-October 2016)

  1. Advanced Ultra Super Critical Technology
  2. Drosera
  3. NASA to explore asteroid Bennu during its close encounter with Earth
  4. Chilli-filled PAVA shells seen as alternative to pellet guns
  6. No Evidence Found For Sterile Neutrino
  7. Non-invasive Prenatal Test
  8. Mycobacterium Indicuspranii
  9. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
  10. Carbon dioxide recycled to create usable fuel
  11. First human genetic editing trial in China
  12. Sorting bioparticles at the nanoscale
  13. To predict cyclone, ISRO to build ScatSat- 1 satellite
  14. Scatterometer:
  15. Project Alloy
  16. Hackers Attack Delhi Based Diagnostic Centre
  17. Doppler radar to boost weather forecasting
  18. Fly on rails: Global tenders floated to induct Maglev trains
  19. Tiantong-01
  20. Dengue & Chikungunya Spread In India:
  21. Bicyclic Azetidine Series:
  22. Biodegradable Energy Harvester – From Raw Fish Scales
  23. Hydrogen-bonded Organic Frameworks
  24. New Catalyst To Make Water E. coli Free
  25. What is Hyper elastic Bone?
  26. What are the Great Balls of Fire?
  27. China has successfully launched a new high-resolutionSynthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)dubbed as Gaofen-3
  28. Deep Brain Stimulator
  29. Quess satellite
  30. BARC develops portable kit for detection of Chromium contamination of water
  31. Sunshine,seaweed help to break down dye waste
  32. Internet’s naming system to ICANN
  33. Airlander 10
  34. NASA set to launch asteroid space dust probe
  35. Bavar 373 missile defence system
  36. ISRO successfully test-fires scramjet engine
  37. Endosulfan causes DNA damage in animals: Study
  38. In a first, natural gas hydrates discovered in the Indian Ocean
  1. Scientists for first time develop laser from fluorescent jellyfish proteins
  2. Serotonin: Scientists unmask the dark side of the ‘happy hormone’
  3. Closest Earth Like Exoplanet Found
  4. India Declares itself Free from Avian Influenza (H5N1)
  5. WHO certifies India Yaws, Maternal & Neonatal Tetanus free
  6. India declares itself free from bird flu:All about it
  7. Indian scientists unlock preterm birth mystery
  8. Govt approves 6 start-up centres
  9. GSLV Successfully Launches India’s Weather Satellite INSAT-3DR
  10. GSAT-11 to be launched in early 2017
  11. NASA’s Cassini to make final, closest observations of Saturn
  13. ISRO puts 8 satellites in two orbits
  14. World’s largest radio telescope
  15. India’s first LIGO laboratory to come up in Hingoli, Maharashtra
  16. China tests stealth-defeating quantum radar
  17. 193 countries sign declaration to stamp out drug-resistant infections
  18. Americas declared free of measles
  19. Ice cloud over Saturn’s largest moon discovered
  20. Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi
  21. Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  22. GSAT-18, ISRO’s latest communication satellite, launched successfully
  24. Human hair used to produce cheaper cathodes for solar cells
  25. Self-powered UV photodetector charges energy storage devices
  26. Mining Surveillance System
  27. Manned mission by China
  28. Union Government constitutes Munialappa Committee to monitor bird flu situation
  29. CO2 level reaches record high in 2016: WMO
  30. 3D-printed bone implant can dissolve in body
  31. Establishment and operationalization of new Indian Institute of Science Education and Research at Berhampur,Odisha
  32. Alzheimer’s disease prevention a step closer
  33. Seeing worlds around brown dwarfs
  34. IIL develops CYSVAX,world’s first vaccine to fight against tapeworms
  35. Protein-enriched rice variety developed by IGKV Chattisgarh
  36. Odisha: Death toll due to Japanese Encephalitis in Malkangiri
  37. Why the Nobel Prize winning discovery of autophagy matters
  38. World’s first three-parent baby boy born in Mexico
  39. Caffeine-based drugs may halt Parkinson’s progress
  40. Thailand confirms SE Asia’s first Zika-linked birth defects
  41. China’s space lab launches micro-satellite
  42. Union Government caps prices of 24 essential drugs
  43. China’s space lab launches micro-satellite

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