Improve Your Answer Writing-Value Edition Special Series

  • Water conservation today is a matter of great urgency.In the context of – Water resources

  • Higher education should focus on innovation and excellence.In the context of – Role of higher education

  • States and Union Government must act together as Team India.In the context of – Cooperative federalism

  • We must involve people as active change agents in governance.In the context of – People’s participation

  • Language is a tool for intellectual and emotional expression. It is a vehicle of inter-generational transmission of culture, scientific knowledge and a worldview.In the context of – Vernacular language

  • climate change is complicated and requires learning different interventions including the development of new seeds suiting the changed climatic conditions and make them more available to poorest farmers.In the context of – Agriculture and climate change

  • Journalism is a pious mission for the cause of nation building.In the context of – Media

  • Terror is enemy of humanity and peace is a prerequisite of progress.In the context of – Terrorism

  • The complex tapestry of gender equality is composed of various hues— equality of opportunity, breaking down of gender stereotypes, respect for roles played by women in the household, crimes against women, and female infanticide.In the context of – Gender equality

  • Science and technology is the bedrock upon which the country relies for its knowledge power.In the context of – Importance of S&T

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