India among the top five countries in e-waste generation

  • According to the recent study of ASSOCHAM-NEC, India continues to be generating highest e-waste vis-à-vis China, USA, Japan and Germany.
  • In India, Maharashtra contributes the largest e-waste of 19.8%, followed by Tamil Nadu (13%) and Uttar Pradesh (10.1%) respectively.
  • E-waste generated in India is about 2 million TPA (tonnes per annum), the quantity that is recycled is about 4,38,085 TPA.
  • The sad part is that a mere 5% of India’s total e-waste gets recycled due to poor infrastructure, legislation and framework which lead to a waste of diminishing natural resources, irreparable damage of environment and health of the people working in the industry.
  • Over 95% of e-waste generated is managed by the unorganised sector and scrap dealers in this market, dismantle the disposed of products instead of recycling it.

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