India hosted Global Wildlife Programme

  • India jointly hosted the Global Wildlife Programme (GWP) with World Bank and United Nations Development Programme on October-2, 2017. 
  • The GWP will address issues related to illegal wildlife trade across 19 countries in Asia and Africa.
  • It will act as a platform to exchange knowledge and coordinate in on-ground action for combating illegal poaching of wildlife and improve governance on wildlife conservation.

About Global Wildlife Program (GWP)

  • The GWP is a World-Bank led global partnership that promotes wildlife conservation and sustainable development by combating illicit trafficking in wildlife. 
  • By approaching the poaching crisis holistically through various country projects and a larger global project, it seeks to reduce both the supply and demand that drives the illegal wildlife trade, and protect species and habitats through integrated landscape planning.
  • GWP’s priority and immediate focus is combating wildlife poaching, trafficking, and demand.
  • The program also focuses on improving wildlife management, providing livelihood opportunities through tourism, and improving governance throughout the supply chain for illegal wildlife products.
  • In addition, the program will support integrated landscape management, land use zoning and natural resource management best practices.

Source: Downtoearth & Wiki

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