India jumps up 19 steps in 2016 Logistics Performance Index: World Bank report-Prelims 2016

In a recently released World Bank report of Logistics Performance Index (LPI), India ranked at the 35th position among 160 countries/ranks. The last report (2014) had placed India at the 54th position. Hence, reflecting a better movement of the goods inside the country, the rank has also reflected the economic prosperity and the ease of doing business in India. India’s improved performance in the report released by World Bank will also boost programmes such as Make in India.
Here is all you want to know about the Index and the report:
  • This year, India’s score in LPI is 3.42. In 2014, it was 3.08
  • India was ranked at the 54th position in the 2014 report; this year, India jumped a total of 19 places and made it to the 35th slot
  • This year, India scored higher than countries such as New Zealand, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Latvia and Indonesia. These countries were way ahead in the 2014 report
  • As per the report, India has also improved significantly in: 
    • (a) The ability to track and trace consignments, improving from 57 to 33 
    • (b) The quality of trade and transport infrastructure, improving from 58 to 36 
    • (c) The competence and quality of logistics services, improving from 52 to 32
  • The top five countries in the LPI report are Germany (4.23 points), Luxembourg (4.22), Sweden (4.20), Netherlands (4.19), and Singapore (4.14)
About Logistics Performance Index:
Logistics Performance Index has been created by the World Bank to make the countries identify the challenges and opportunities they face in trade logistics. It ranks countries on the basis of their performance outcomes across six sub-indices of the Logistics Performance Index.

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