India-Kazakh Prabal Dostyk

  • The Indian and the Kazakh Armies on Nov 2, 2017 commenced a 14-day joint exercise “Prabal Dostyk” in Himachal Pradesh’s Bakloh town in Chamba district.
  • The joint exercise is aimed at enhancing the military ties between both the countries.
  • The training contingents comprise of platoon strength from 3rd Battalion of the 11th Gorkha Rifles of the Indian Army and a similar strength of the Kazakhstan Army.
  • Senior military observers of both the countries will witness the validation phase of the joint exercise.
  • The aim of the ‘joint exercise’ is to acquaint both forces with each other’s operating procedures in the backdrop of counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations under the UN mandate.
  • The overall aim is to enhance the existing military relationship between the Indian and the Kazakhstan armies and achieve synergy for joint conduct of operation as and when the requirement arises.
  • Personnel of both the contingents were hopeful of a fruitful learning experience and were sanguine that the two weeks of training would go a long way in enhancing ties not only between the two armies but also between the people of the two great nations.


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