• The Republic of India and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam enjoy strong bilateral relations.Cultural and economic links between India and Vietnam date back to 2nd century.

More details:

  • The Indic Chăm Pa kingdom had some influence on Vietnamese music. In contemporary era, relations between India and Vietnam have been governed by several areas of shared political interests.
  • India strongly condemned U.S. action during the Vietnam War and was also one of the few non-communist countries to assist Vietnam during the Cambodian–Vietnamese War.
  • In 1992, India and Vietnam established extensive economic ties, including oil exploration, agriculture and manufacturing.
  • The relations between the two countries, especially defence ties, benefited extensively from India’s Look East policy.
  • Bilateral military cooperation includes sale of military equipment, sharing of intelligence, joint naval exercises and training in counterinsurgency and jungle warfare. India also regularly deploys its warships for goodwill visits to Vietnamese seas.


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