Indian Polity Notes for UPSC

Indian Polity is an important subject for civil services exam. Notes making is an important task while preparing for the exam. These notes can also be helpful for aspirants preparing for the exam taking Indian Polity and International Relations as their optional subject. Build your concepts with our short notes specifically designed for Quick Revision.Indian Polity Notes for UPSC

Our Indian Polity Notes for UPSC is extensive and to the point for clearing all your basic concepts of Indian Polity & Constitution of India

  1. Introduction

  2. Constitutional Features

  3. Guiding Values of the Constitution

  4. Sources of Constitution

  5. Working of the Constitution

  6. Union & its Territory

  7. Citizenship

  8. Preamble

  9. Fundamental Rights

  10. Fundamental Duties

  11. Directive Principles

  12. Union Executive

  13. Union Legislature

  14. Governor

  15. Parliamentary Committees

  16. State Legislative Assembly

  17. Local Government

  18. Judiciary

  19. Federal System

  20. Center State Relation

  21. Communist government

  22. Office of profit

  23. Emergency Provision

  24. Elections System

  25. Delimitation

  26. Political Parties

  27. Constitutional Amendments

  28. Private Members Bills

  29. Important Constitutional Amendments

  30. Constitutional Schedules

  31. Separation of Powers

  32. Protection of President and Governors

  33. Pressure Groups

  34. Pubic Interest Litigation

  35. Parts of Constitution

  36. Schedules

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