UK’s Indo-Pacific tilt

UK’s Indo-Pacific


  • A week after the European Union announced that it will reinforce its strategic focus, presence and actions in the Indo-Pacific with the aim of contributing to the stability, security, prosperity and sustainable development of the region, based on the promotion of democracy, rule of law, human rights and international law, the British Government said that its “largest concentration of maritime and air power to the UK in a generation will set sail next month, visiting more than 40 countries” including India, as part of its Indo-Pacific tilt.
  • The British Government said that the UK Carrier Strike Group’s “globe-spanning maiden deployment will feature visits to India, Japan, Republic of Korea and Singapore”.

Back to Basics

Carrier strike groups (CSG):

  • Carrier strike groups are often formed for a specific mission rather than by platform.
  • The carrier is typically part of a larger formation, usually including destroyers, frigates and submarines, as well as logistical-support ships.
  • The carrier provides the primary offensive air power, while the other vessels provide the wider defence and support role and can also participate offensively, such as with the launch of missile systems.


  • It will be led by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.
  • It will be a global deployment, from the North Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific.
  • The “28-week deployment” will span 26,000 nautical miles, and CSG will undertake over 70 engagements in over 40 nations.
  • As part of the UK’s tilt towards the Indo-Pacific region, the CSG will conduct engagements with Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Japan and India.

UK CSG Deployment in Indo-Pacific:

  • It will bolster already deep defence partnerships in the region, where the UK is committed to a more enduring regional defence and security presence.
  • Engagement in Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Japan and India will provide the opportunity for strengthening the UK’s security relationships, tightening political ties and supporting UK exports and International Trade agenda.

Way Forward

  • It will be a truly global deployment, from the North Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific.

Source: Indian Express

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