Inland wetland survey


  • Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu records 33,000 birds in inland wetland survey.

About the Inland wetland survey

  • The waterbird population in inland wetlands recorded during a synchronised survey this year was lesser due to the prevailing high water condition in most of the wetlands.

    Inland wetland survey
    Photo Credit: A. SHAIKMOHIDEEN
  • Near-threatened species like Spot-billed Pelican, Eurasian Spoonbill, Oriental Darter, Painted Stork and Black-headed Ibis were seen in thousands with nestlings.
  • The dominant species recorded from Tirunelveli district are Spot-billed Pelican and Painted Stork.
  • These birds are generally observed widely in most of the wetlands, including paddy fields. They are seen in more numbers in their traditional nesting sites such as Vedanthangal, Koonthankulam, Therthankaal, Melaselvanoor and Keelaselvanoor sanctuaries.
  • The near threatened and uncommon Oriental Darter are seen in their maximum numbers from Koonthankulam, Vedanthangal and Vaduvoor bird sanctuaries.
    • About 20 individuals of Common Pochard has been recorded in a satellite wetland of Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary.
    • River tern which commonly prefers dam sites was recorded from the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve. Both are listed as vulnerable in IUCN category.
  • Koonthankulam bird sanctuary and its satellite wetlands attracts Bar-headed Goose which is the highest recorded in this census.
  • This area regularly attracts Greater Flamingo every year.
  • The uncommon Comb Duck was seen in the Koonthankulam tank and its satellite wetlands.
  • The Little Grebe or Dabchick was recorded in dense flocks in the Velur tank of Thoothukudi district.

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