• A scholarship scheme managed by the Centre’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) to help young, talented scientists embark on independent research careers at Indian labs is drawing flak with complaints of harassment, tardy fund disbursal and concerns that the scheme hasn’t catalysed enough jobs.

More Details:

  • The INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) Faculty scheme, as it’s called, selects promising research scholars under 32 and offers them a salary of ₹80,000 a month as well as an annual research grant worth ₹7 lakh to work at a university of their choice for five years.
  • It was conceived in 2008 amid concerns that not enough talented students were opting for research careers in basic sciences and were being lured away by higher salaries in banking, information technology and management.
  • Positioned as an “Assured Opportunity for Research Career,” the INSPIRE Faculty scheme envisioned that given 5 years of financial security and academic freedom these researchers would prove their mettle at these universities and, at their discretion, be eventually recruited as full-time faculty.


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