International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)


  • India has set to launch International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA), a mega global alliance under its leadership to protect big cats and assured support over five years with guaranteed funding of $100 million (over Rs 800 crore)

About International Big Cat Alliance

  • The proposed International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) will work towards the protection and conservation of the seven major big cats — tiger, lion, leopard, snow leopard, puma, jaguar and cheetah.

    International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)
    Courtesy: Indian Express
  • Membership to the alliance will be open to 97 “range” countries, which contain the natural habitat of these big cats, as well as other interested nations, international organisations, etc.
  • Since India got the cheetahs, India is the only country in the world to have tigers, lions, leopards, snow leopards and cheetahs in the wild.
    • India have all the big cats, except the pumas and jaguars, today.
    • So it is only befitting that India takes the lead to bring together all big cat range countries under an UN-like umbrella.
  • The alliance’s purpose is to provide a platform for “dissemination of information on benchmarked practices, capacity building, resources repository, research and development, awareness creation”, etc., on the protection and conservation of big cats.
  • Its major activities will include “advocacy, partnership, knowledge e-portal, capacity building, eco-tourism, partnerships between expert groups and finance tapping”.

Governance structure

  • The IBCA’s governance structure will comprise a General Assembly consisting of all member countries, a council of at least seven but not more than 15 member countries elected by the General Assembly for a term of 5 years, and a Secretariat.
  • Upon the recommendation of the Council, the General Assembly will appoint the IBCA Secretary General for a specific term.
  • After the first five years, which will be supported by India’s “total grant assistance” of $100 million, the IBCA is expected to sustain itself through membership fees, and contributions from bilateral and multilateral institutions and the private sector.
  • However, the proposed move has invited criticism, too.

Back to Basics

Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance

  •  In 2017, the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance (BCSA) was created to:
    • Speak with a unified voice on issues affecting big cats, such as the exotic pet trade, use of big cats for entertainment, and other areas of concern.
    • Support and strengthen both member sanctuaries and those interested in obtaining BCSA membership, with the goal of advancing standards of animal care.
    • Promote professional development through an annual workshop focused on animal care and welfare, veterinary issues, operations, and finances.
    • Foster collaboration, relationships, and communication within the big cat sanctuary community.

Source: IE

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