International Relations UPSC Notes

International Relations UPSC Notes

IAS Abhiyan Present’s International Relations Notes for UPSC CSE

(NB: Stay Tune for remaining IR Notes which will be updated soon)

International Treaties and Conventions

  1. Antarctic Treaty System

  2. Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)

  3. INSTC Corridor


International /Inter-Governmental Organisations

  1. APEC

  2. ASEAN


  4. BRICS

  5. CPTPP

  6. European Union (EU)

  7. G4 Nations

  8. G7 Nations

  9. G20 Group of Nations


India and Geopolitics

  1. India and Geopolitics
  2. India and Indo Pacific

India and Its Neighbourhood

  1. India and Srilanka

  2. India and Afghanistan
  3. India and China 


India and Europe

  1. India and Denmark

India and Oceania

  1. India and Australia

  2. India and New Zealand

India and Central Asia

  1. India and Central Asia Relations

India and Gulf Countries

  1. India and Bahrain

India and Africa

  1. India and Africa Relations

Bilateral Relations

  1. Bangladesh and China

  2. Bangladesh and Srilanka

  3. China and Nepal

  4. China and Russia

  5. Russia and USA

  6. USA and Iran

  7. USA and Afghanistan

  8. China and Pakistan

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