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India and its Neighborhood

Neighbourhood First Policy

  1. Challenges in India’s Neighbourhood Policy
  2. Neighbours First: India’s Foreign Policy Mantra
  3. A ‘Neighbourhood First’ foreign policy has little value for India
  4. Is India a good neighbour?
  5. India’s World – New directions in Indian foreign policy


  1. India and the SAARC: Implications for the neighbourhood
  2. Thirty Years of SAARC: Society, Culture and Development
  3. India’s Bilateral Issues With SAARC Countries : A Quick Look
  4. In South Asia, be the Un-China (by Suhasini Haidar)

Does SAARC need revival?

  1. Time For Revival Of SAARC
  2. The Big Picture – Is South Asia witnessing a strategic realignment?
  3. BIMSTEC as counter to SAARC
  4. SAARC Minus One

South Asian Satellite

  1. South Asian Satellite to boost regional communication
  2. South Asia Satellite



Indo-Pak Border Dispute

Cross Border Insurgency and Terrorism

India – Pakistan Relations

Indo-Pak relations vis-a-vis China

Indus Water Treaty