Jaldoot App


  • With the rapidly declining water table threatening to push many regions into drought, the Union government on has launched a mobile application — Jaldoot.

About Jaldoot App

  • Jaldoot is jointly developed by the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Ministries to monitor the groundwater levels across the country.
  • The App will enable Gram Rojgar Sahyak to measure the water level of well twice a year pre-monsoon and post-monsoon.

    Jaldoot App
    Photo Credit: TH
  • Jaldoots, that is, officers assigned to measure the water levels, should also upload the geo-tagged photographs through the app on every occasion of measurement.
  • This Mobile app will work in both online and offline mode.
  • So water level can be captured even without internet connectivity and captured date will be stored in mobile and when mobile comes in the connectivity area, data will synchronize with the central server.

Significance of the app

  • The despite promoting watershed development, afforestation, waterbody development and renovation, rainwater harvesting like initiatives, the ground water level in various parts of the country has depleted.
  • The regular data to be input by the Jaldoots would be integrated with the database of National Water Informatics Centre (NWIC), which can be utilised for analysis and display.
  • The app will facilitate in observing water tables across the country and the resulting data can be utilised for Gram Panchayat Development Plan and Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Plans.

Source: TH

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