Jayadeva’s Geetagovinda

  • Nadam organised a three day dance festival “Kalanadam” at ADA Rangamandira last weekend. The final evening opened with Ranjana Gauhar’s Odissi recital.
  • She performed abhinaya pieces where she danced to three Ashtapadis from Jayadeva’s Geetagovinda. Geetagovinda, a collection of hymns composed by the 12th century poet Jayadeva celebrates Krishna and his relationship with Radha.
  • His hymns thrive today in popular imagination through the performances by the Odissi dancers. Performing the role of a Gopika, Ranjana Gauhar describes the spiritual and the physical aspects of being absorbed in love with Krishna in various settings. Like most abhinaya performances, all her three pieces relied on building a complex imagery to narrate a story.
  • Kalanadam brought together a long series of performances presented by dancers from Odissi, Kathak and Bharathanatyam traditions and the closing day of the festival featured a mixed bag of nritya, abhinaya and nrtta numbers across the three classical forms.


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