Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Recently, the Union minister of state for environment, forests and climate change said the second tiger reserve  in Bihar would be set up in Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • After Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR), Bihar will soon get the second Tiger Reserve in Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary

About Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The Sanctuary is located in Kaimur District of Bihar, near the town of Bhabua.
  • It is the largest sanctuary in the state of Bihar.

    Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary
    Credit: DTE
  • This Sanctuary located in the Kaimur Range. In the valley portions there are several waterfalls of which the finest are Karkat Waterfall and Telhar.
  • The main animals found at Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary are Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, Indian boars, sloth bears, sambar deers, chitals, four-horned antelope and nilgais.
  • Birds such as the lesser white-fronted goose, ferruginous duck, Baer’s pochard duck and lesser adjutant, greater adjutant, black-necked stork, and Asian openbill stork migrate from Central Asia to the park during winter.
  • The Kaimur forests are connected to forests in the neighbouring states of Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Source: TOI

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