Kakkathuruthu island on NatGeo’s must-visit list

  • Kakkathuruthu, a tiny island in Kerala’s backwaters, has been listed in National Geographic ‘s ‘Around the World in 24 Hours’, a photographic tour of travel-worthy spots in the world.
  • The emerald-fringed “Island of Crows” in Alappuzha finds a place among select stunning destinations across the world that hold appeal to the adventurous traveller. Situated not far from the ancient port city of Kochi, the island can be accessed from the main land only through traditional boats. The quiet island, surrounded by Vembanad Lake, offers a haven for birdwatchers.

Quiet island

  • Beginning with hunting the aurora borealis in the northern lights zone of Norway at 12 a.m., the list includes photos of Hawaii at 5 a.m., Paris at 6 a.m., San Francisco at 7 a.m., Abu Dhabi at 8 a.m., Melbourne at 9 a.m., New York at 8 p.m., Budapest at 10 p.m. and Kerala at 6 p.m., among others, offering a peek into how different places in the world look like.
  • The charm of the island with sea green waters and lush coconut groves sans tarred roads has been captured by photographers during dusk when “the shadows lengthen and the sky shifts from pale blue to sapphire.”

Kerala sunset described

  • In a graphic description, the magazine says the sunset in Kerala is greeted by a series of rituals — sari-clad women head home in skiffs, fishermen light lamps and cast nets into the lagoon, and bats swoop across the horizon snapping up moths.
  • If dawn is awakening and daytime illumination, then twilight is transcendence, a final burst of vitality before darkness falls.

‘Matter of pride’

  • “It is a matter of pride for us to be listed by NatGeo, which is among the leading magazines in the world.
  • “The recognition is rewarding and will add to our efforts to introduce and showcase different destinations in the nature-endowed State.
  • It is not only a reaffirmation of natural endowments but also a huge recommendation to international tourists for a tryst with the coastal State.

Source: The Hindu

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