Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary


  • The Andhra Pradesh Forest Department is initiating a series of measures to develop Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary. 

About Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Sounds of noisy crickets of the forest fade off while the chirrup of birds tune in at the same time at dawn. Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary - Wikipedia
  • As a group of trekkers steps into the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary located in the heart of Visakhapatnam, they are greeted by a herd of spotted deer staring right at them — super vigilant, ears pointed right up. 
  • Bordered by Simhachalam hill range on the West and Gambheeram reservoir on the North-east, the sanctuary is a tropical deciduous forest with a canopy of tree cover of mixed composition along with scrubland and meadows.
  • The sanctuary holds a good number of faunal diversity including aves, reptiles and mammals. 
  • People from the village of Sambhuvanipalem located within the forest area are employed by the forest department to manage the eco-tourism park
  • The sanctuary has a dry evergreen forest mixed with scrub and meadows.
  • The terrain is hilly with steep slopes.

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