Kerala Government launches Haritha Keralam Mission

The state government of Kerala launches Haritha Keralam Mission to create new developments by the optimum utilization of the natural resources.

About Mission, Its Objective & Purpose:

  • Haritha Keralam Mission is a comprehensive project for creating new development perspectives by the proper utilization of opportunities through waste management. The state government will also use the water resources and agriculture development using organic farming.
  • The main objective of Haritha Keralam Mission is to remove and clear all the water bodies in the state. Another main objective of this project is to ensure the disposal of solid waste and removal of waste water. The Haritha Keralam Mission is measure to increase the area of land under cultivation.
  • The main purpose of Harithas Keralam Mission is the cleaning of vacant lands which will be used for vegetable cultivation. This mission is a comprehensive waste management plan to collect, separate and recycle waste in villages and municipalities. Power generation from solar energy and wind energy will also be the part of this project, for which the Kerala State Electricity Board has already set the ball rolling.
  • Under Haritha Keralam Mission reusable products that are not use by any family can be conserved and given to another free of cost. The state government of Kerala starts this mission to remove the wastage and convert it into finished goods.

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