Kharai camel

  • Gujarat is the only home to Kharai camel who have adapted to the extreme climate of rann and shallow seas and high salinity.
  • The Kharai camels are left to themselves on one of the seven mangrove islands that dot the creek at Mohadi in Kutch district of Gujarat.
  • They swim 10 km, along with their handlers, taking anywhere between two and three hours to reach the islands, locally called Bet, along the Gulf of Kutch.
  • Once on the islands, the camels start feeding on mangroves.
  • They eat large volumes of saline plant species.
  • The camels are unique and if you drink their milk, you will be cured of diabetes.
  • Their grazing routes vary seasonally, and as they are constantly on the move, the Kharai herders do not build any special shelters for them.
  • During the monsoon, the camels are often left on the mangrove islands for three months.

Source: The hindu

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