Korkai Civilisation

Korkai Civilisation


  • Recently, a reconnaissance survey in the sea off the coast of Korkai in Thoothukudi district, which finds mention in Sangam literature, will be undertaken.

About Korkai Civilisation

  • The offshore explorations would be undertaken near the estuary where Tamiraparani joins the sea, and are aimed at exploring the archaeological value in the ancient port of Korkai.
  • The excavations would be undertaken in Keeladi and nearby locations (Konthagai, Agaram, Manalur) in Sivaganga district (Phase VIII), Sivagalai in Thoothukudi district (Phase III), Gangaikondacholapuram in Ariyalur district (Phase II), Mayiladumparai in Krishnagiri district (Phase II), Vembakkottai in Virudhunagar district (Phase I), Thullukkarpatti in Tirunelveli district (Phase I) and Perumpalai in Dharmapuri district (Phase I).

    Korkai Civilisation
    Photo Credit: B. Jothi Ramalingam
  • The excavations in these locations would go on till September, he said and recalled the archaeological excavations in the past, which brought to light, in a scientific manner, the urbanization, centuries ago, of the society that lived in multiple locations in present day Tamil Nadu.

Back to Basics

About Tamiraparani

  • Tamiraparani is the river which originates from the Podigai hills above Papanasam and flows into Tirunelveli district.
  • The old Tamil name of the river is Porunai.
  • Tamiraparani Mahatmyam, a work of 6,400 verses by Veda Vyasa, has many interesting stories of the blessings of Devi Tamiraparani bestowed on Devas, humans, animals and even birds.

About Keeladi Civilisation

  • An Urban Settlement of Sangam Age on the Banks of River Vaigai.
  • The Keeladi findings have led academics to describe the site as part of the Vaigai Valley Civilisation.
  • The findings have also invited comparisons with the Indus Valley Civilisation.
  • Keeladi is significant for many reasons.
  • It has given evidence of urban life and settlements in Tamil Nadu during the Early Historic Period.
  • It was around this time that evidence for a second urbanisation started appearing in the Gangetic Valley.
  • Keeladi has added greatly to the credibility of Sangam Literature.
  • Key findings in excavations
    • These included brick structures, terracotta ring wells, fallen roofing with tiles, golden ornaments, broken parts of copper objects, iron implements, terracotta chess pieces, ear ornaments, spindle whorls, figurines.
    • It also had black and redware, rouletted ware and a few pieces of Arretine ware, besides beads made of glass, terracotta and semi-precious stones.

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