The langurs south of Assam’s Aie

  • Golden langurs are among the most endangered primates in the world. Unlike the standard langur that is grey or black, golden langurs are flamboyantly blonde.
  • They stand out against forest trees like big, abnormal fruit with long ropy tails. Despite their unusual colour, it was only in 1955 that they were brought to world attention.
  • A few langurs living in the 17-square-kilometre Kakoijana jungle, 30 kilometres south of Manas National Park.
  • The one-time deciduous forest was isolated from other golden langurs in Manas and Chakrashila. Sanctuaries in western Assam had no infrastructure nor enjoyed the affection of communities.
  • The primates lived only in this corner of the world, bound by three rivers — Sankosh, Manas and Brahmaputra — and the Black Mountains in Bhutan.
  • The people belong to seven different communities: Bodo, Santhal, Garo, Koch Rajbongshi, Rabha, Nepali and Bengali.
  • Golden langur is currently endangered.


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