Laying Reports, etc., before Parliament by the President of India

The President is brought into contact with Parliament also through his power and study to cause certain reports and statements to be laid before Parliament, so that Parliament may have the opportunity of taking action upon them. Thus, it is the duty of the President to cause to be laid before Parliament –

(a) the Annual Financial Statement (Budget) and the Supplementary Statement, if any,

(b) the report of the Auditor-General relating to the accounts of the Government of India;

(c) the recommendations made by the Finance Commission, together with an explanatory memorandum of the action taken thereon;

(d) the report of the Union Public Service Commission, explaining the reasons where any advice of the Commission has not been accepted;

(e) the report of the Special Officer for Scheduled Castes and Tribes;

(f) the report of the Commission on backward classes;

(g) the report of the Special Officer for linguistic minorities.

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