India’s first indigenous Lithium Ion Battery project

  • Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI), Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu and RAASI Solar Power Pvt Ltd have signed a Memorandum of Agreement for transfer of technology for India’s first Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Battery project.
  • CECRI is under Central Science and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  • CSIR-CECRI has set up a demo facility in Chennai to manufacture prototype Lithium-Ion cells.
  • It has secured global IPRs with potential to enable cost reduction, coupled with appropriate supply chain and manufacturing technology for mass production.
  • Currently, Indian manufacturers source Lithium Ion Battery from China, Japan and South Korea among some other countries.
  • India is one of the largest importers and in 2017, it imported nearly 150 Million US Dollar worth Li-Ion batteries.
  • Li-Ion batteries have applications in Energy Storage System – from hearing aid to container sized batteries to power a cluster of villages etc.,
  • Lithium-ion batteries can power any electrical application without the need of physical wires-means wireless.

Source:Economic Times

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