Malabar rebellion of 1921


  • Recently, it has been said the Malabar rebellion of 1921 was one of the first manifestations of the Taliban mindset in India, and claimed the LDF in Kerala was celebrating it as a communist revolution.

What is the Malabar rebellion of 1921?

  • Friday, August 20, marks the centenary of the Malabar rebellion, which is also known as the Moplah (Muslim) riots. It had been an uprising of Muslim tenants against British rulers and local Hindu landlords.

    Malabar rebellion
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  • The uprising, which began on August 20, 1921, went on for several months marked by many bouts of bloodstained events. Some historical accounts state the uprising led to the loss of around 10,000 lives, including 2,339 rebels.
  • It has often been perceived as one of the first nationalist uprisings in southern India. It has even been described as a peasant revolt. In fact, in 1971, the then Kerala government had included the participants of the rebellion in the category of freedom fighters.
  • The incidents of the uprising took place in regions which are currently under the Malappuram district in north Kerala.
  • The uprising, which began as part of the Khilafat Movement, ended up with the massive killings of Hindus. 

Source: Indian Express

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