Mauritius keeps tax treaty with India outside purview of MLI

Multilateral instrument:

  • The multilateral instrument (MLI) is a legal instrument designed to prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) by multinational enterprises.

  • BEPS refers to tax avoidance strategies that exploit gaps and mismatches in tax rules to artificially shift profits to low or no-tax locations.

  • The MLI allows jurisdictions to transpose results from the OECD/G20 BEPS project, including minimum standards to implement in tax treaties, to prevent treaty abuse and “treaty shopping”, into their existing networks of bilateral tax treaties in a quick and efficient manner.

  • It was developed through inclusive negotiations involving more than 100 countries and jurisdictions, under a mandate delivered by G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors at their February 2015 meeting.

  • The OECD is the depository of the MLI and is supporting Governments in the process of signature, ratification and implementation.


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