Meiogyne Arunachalensis new species of tree


  • Researchers have discovered Meiogyne Arunachalensis, a new species of tree in Arunachal Pradesh during a biodiversity expedition to the “Adi hills of Arunachal Pradesh.

Key Details on Meiogyne Arunachalensis

  • This is the third species from India and the first from eastern Himalayan and Northeast India.

    Meiogyne Arunachalensis
    Photo Credit: Dhanaraj Ruth/ The Hindu
  • The genus Meiogyne is distributed throughout South and Southeast Asia and includes approximately 33 described taxa.
  • The species shows morphological similarity with Meiogyne maxiflora, a species distributed in Thailand, but it differs in a number of vegetative and reproductive characteristics.
  • Meiogyne arunachalensis is the largest species of the genus described so far in terms of tree height and girth of the tree trunk.
  • The discovery of the tree species in Arunachal Pradesh is the first record of the genus from Northeast India and the eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspot.
  • It is also likely to be found in the intervening districts of Lower Dibang Valley and Lohit, and also in northern parts of Myanmar in areas neighbouring the Namdapha National Park.

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